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Tired of paying too much for medications that obviously cost less than what the pharmaceutical moguls and drugstores charge for them? Unfortunately, this is what happens everywhere around the world and the US is the country that might suffer the most. While 1 pill of brand-name Levitra in not likely to cost you more than $8-$10 in Europe or Canada, the customers in the States are paying as much as $40 a pill in some locations. Of course, there are lucky people whose medical insurance covers at least a part of their expenses on Levitra and other ED meds but there are those who pay for them out of their own pocket too. It’s one of those cases when even sex with your spouse turns into a rather expensive experience.

But what if we told you that there is a way to pay for Levitra up to 10 times less than what you are paying now? Sounds interesting? In this article we will be talking about exactly that – how to save money on buying generic Levitra online, what generic Levitra is and how to choose it right to make sure that you get the pill that works just as fine as the name brand and is just as safe. Read on – there’s a lot of valuable information compressed into a rather short text. Hope you will find it useful!

What is generic Levitra?

So, what is it? A medication that works exactly like the brand-name Levitra by GlaxoSmithKlein or Bayer but costs 10 times less? How is that even possible? In this part of our article we will take a closer look at generic Levitra and the factors that make it much more affordable for prospective buyers.

The very first thing that you need to know about generic Levitra is the fact that it doesn’t necessarily have to be called ‘Levitra’. In fact, you are much more likely to find it available under different brand names, such as Snovitra, Valif, Levifil and many more. Being a registered trademark, the name of Levitra cannot be used by other manufacturers, which is why the companies making generics have to find new names for the Vardenafil-based ED meds.

All in all, generic Vardenafil-based medications are either very similar to or 100% identical to Levitra in terms of ingredients. All of them use Vardenafil as their main active component – not some counterfeit unpurified Vardenafil that big pharmaceutical moguls often speak about in order to scare their customers but exactly the same Vardenafil synthesized at top chemical plants with impeccable quality of ingredients and production facilities.

Why is generic Levitra usually manufactured in countries like India, Mexico, Thailand and not in the States or Europe? The explanation is actually very simple. The current manufacturers of brand-name Levitra, GlaxoSmithKlein and Bayer Pharmaceuticals, were also the ones that discovered Vardenafil in the first place. They patented it and are now the only ones allowed to manufacture Vardenafil-based medications for the treatment of ED in most countries of the world. Such exclusiveness also gives them the right to set their prices as high as they please, which is anything but fair towards us, customers.

Fortunately, in countries like India and others mentioned above the patents of GSK and Bayer have absolutely no legal power. We guess that they could have enforced their rights there too – but the customers in developing countries are simply not interested in buying overpriced name brands, so… No patent means that literally every pharmaceutical company there is free to manufacture Vardenafil-based ED meds. The only thing that we, buyers of generic Levitra have to do now is figure out, which brands and shops are reliable enough for us to choose them over the name brand.

Buying generic Levitra online

It’s absolutely no surprise that most of generic Levitra is purchased online. Being so cheap and fairly good in quality, it attracts thousands of customers from all around the world. Some simply buy it from land-based pharmacies while traveling to countries where manufacturing generics is legal – but the majority still get it from online drugstores. In the following part of our article we will look at the pros and cons of buying generic Levitra online and give you a few hints on how to buy it right in order to ensure its quality and the best price you can get it at.


The main advantage that generic Levitra sold online (and generic Levitra as a whole) has over the name brand is, of course, the price. Why pay $40 a pill if you can get the same stuff for $1-$4 depending on the brand and the shop you choose as well as the shipping costs? Purchasing generic Levitra at 10% of the brand-name med’s cost (i.e. $4/pill) would actually mean playing on the safe side – that’s how much 100% reliable pills from well-established manufacturers cost!

Besides, what is also great about generic Levitra is the fact that you can get it without a prescription. Yes, it’s sold over the counter in the majority of countries where it’s manufactured – not as part of black market but even in official state-owned land-based pharmacies! That’s just because it is considered to be a relatively safe drug there, not any more dangerous than many other meds we consume on the daily basis. It’s important to remember, however, that you might still be asked for the prescription if you are importing generic Vardenafil into the United States – either by means of mail order or with you while traveling. There are two options – either go get that prescription from your doctor or order generic Levitra online in smaller amounts as those are most often left unnoticed at the customs as they have no retail potential.

Finally, shopping for generic Levitra online gives you unbeatable privacy as opposed to going to the doctor, telling him or her about your sexual problems, then virtually repeating the story to the pharmacist and all the people who are waiting behind you in line… When you’re purchasing ED meds online, no one knows about your problems except you and some dude processing your order on the other side of the world. Even the delivery people and nosy neighbors will have no clue as generic Levitra is always delivered in non-transparent packaging without any mentioning of its contents on the outside.


However, it wouldn’t be honest to say that shopping for generic Levitra online is a completely flawless experience. There are some disadvantages to it and the main one of them is probably having to spend some time with your first purchase as it takes a while to find a reliable online pharmacy selling generic ED meds of really good quality. It takes quite a lot of googling and surfing various online pharmacy directories and message boards. You found the pharmacy with the prices you like? Now go ahead and check what people have to say about it. Seems to be okay? Now read some more about the brand of the Vardenafil-based drug you intend to purchase. Positive reviews prevail here too? Alright, congrats then, you are all set to make that purchase!

Besides, if you are purchasing generic Levitra online prescription-free, make sure to read all the information on the package insert carefully. Even more, check a couple of websites dedicated to Levitra to make sure this drug is right for you. It doesn’t work that well with certain meds and is never prescribed to people taking nitrate meds or suffering from penis deformations or those who are recommended to refrain from sexual activity due to heart problems. If you decide to skip a visit to your doctor on the way to perfect sexual health, at least read generic Levitra’s directions for use carefully.

Where is it best to buy generic Levitra online from?

Generally, we would recommend that you stick with online pharmacies operating from such countries as India, Mexico, South Africa and Thailand. These countries are still developing, which means that the prices you will see in local online drugstores are really low. On the other hand, the pharmaceutical industry in all of these countries is already very developed – apart from generic ED drugs, they manufacture lots of other medications, all of which are claimed to be of very high quality by healthcare professionals worldwide. That applies to India and Mexico in particular, the latter of the two being the real pharmaceutical Mecca for US citizens during the past few decades.

The choice of the country you want to buy your generic Levitra from will also probably depend on your geographical location. Needless to say, if you are based in the United States, it would take much less time to deliver your order from Mexico than from, say, Thailand or India.

Of course, as we have already said above, it’s important to familiarize yourself with all the background information you can get about this or that online pharmacy prior to buying. Is that drugstore rated well by the directories? Does it have enough positive reviews from customers? If the answers to both of these questions are positive, then you should be perfectly safe.

Is buying generic Levitra online legal?

In general, most sources that we got our information from agree that importing or re-importing prescription drugs into United States is illegal. However, all of these sources also appeal to the fact that there has never been even a single case when a person importing ED meds for their own personal use were prosecuted for it. If you are bringing generic Levitra into the country for yourself and not for selling it to others, the people at the customs are more than just likely to look the other way when you (or your mail order) move past them. Of course, it would still be good to have a prescription on your hands or at least order a comparatively small amount of generic Levitra – less than three months’ worth of it, to be precise.

So, as you can see, buying generic Levitra online is not as dangerous as the manufacturers of the brand-name medications are trying to depict it. With up to 75% Americans already ordering or planning to order meds from abroad in the nearest future, it’s absolutely no surprise that big local and international pharmaceutical companies are waging a full-scale war against smaller manufacturers of generics. However, what is good for a big pharmaceutical company is not always good for the customer. Keep that in mind the next time you go out to get your Levitra refill.

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