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Looking for a perfect medication to help you enhance your sexual performance? Considering Levitra but aren’t sure that it will work right for you? Well, we’ve got some really good news here – you can check that out without spending too much of your money on your trial package. There are at least a few places where you can get Levitra samples absolutely for free without spending even a single cent! We will gladly tell you everything about these and teach you how to get your pills the smart way so you can evaluate their performance before you’re made to spend your money on them. Read on – this information is pure gold!

Getting Levitra samples from the official site of the manufacturer

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Unfortunately, it looks like Levitra.com is no longer distributing free 3-pill sample packages like it used to before. This special offer has been replaced with a new one promising you a massive discount on your next 6 prescriptions or refills of Levitra. Though fairly generous, this special offer still can’t compare to the one that came before it and offered 3 free pills to each first-time user of Levitra.

We will keep watching Levitra.com and update this section of our article once again if the free trial offer is reinstated. Please, note that it was and will probably be restricted to first-time users of Levitra only, in case it returns, so if you have already had active Levitra prescriptions before, you will not be eligible for the free trial offer. Moreover, only the visitors of Levitra.com based in the United States were allowed to participate in the free giveaway of the medication. Here’s how it all worked. First, you had to download a voucher from the website and take it to your doctor to make sure Levitra was right for you. Then, after getting a Levitra from your prescription provider, you took it along with the voucher to a pharmacy participating in the program and exchanged it for 3 pills of Levitra 10 mg.

Getting Levitra samples from your doctor

Even though the manufacturers of Levitra are no longer giving free pills away to patients willing to give their stuff a try, there’s still a high chance you will receive some trial pills from your healthcare provider. Most physicians get free vouchers for their patients directly from the manufacturers and some even get free medicine samples too, so… You’re very likely to get your first ED pills straight in your doctor’s office. If you are lucky, you will even get an assortment of meds that your doctor thinks are right for you. This may include Viagra, Levitra or Cialis, which you will be offered to try and tell the doctor about your experience with each of them.

This doesn’t mean, however, that your doctor has to give free ED pills to you. Some healthcare professionals choose not to collaborate with pharmaceutical companies because they feel they are trying to lure the physicians into prescribing their pills and not the ones offered by their competitors. Thus, don’t get too pushy with your doc – it’s very likely that he or she is not offering you any free impotence pills because there are none. Additionally, free voucher and pill sample distribution is more common in the United States and is rare in other countries, so if you are based outside of the US, your chances to get some free Levitra from your doctor are rather low, unfortunately.

Are Levitra samples safe?

Of course they are! As you can guess, there is only one way to lure you into becoming a loyal customer of some particular pharmaceutical company. It’s by giving you a totally seamless experience with your very first pill. That’s why there’s absolutely zero chance you will get some low quality bogus pill in your trial package. In fact, if you’re choosing brand-name Levitra by GSK or Bayer, there’s always zero chance you will get duds instead of real meds. And even if you go for generics, the pills in trial packages are usually the safest and the most effective.

However, we strongly recommend that you do not accept any pills from strangers. Free trial ED pills are okay if you get them from your doctor or from a reliable online or land-based pharmacy. If you are offered one by you friend or partner or even a complete stranger, avoid taking it as, a) you don’t know whether this pill is of good quality or not, b) you don’t know whether Levitra is right for you or not. There’s always a chance you may suffer from side effects or drug intolerance – that’s why a professional healthcare provider’s advice is often required before the first time you take Levitra.

Also, there are online pharmacies that will offer you free Levitra samples with your orders of other ED drugs. Feel free to accept and try those – once again, this is one of those cases when someone is trying to lure you into switching on to a new drug, which might be more profitable for them or simply is in stock in larger amounts. And once again, they will only manage it if you’re completely satisfied with the drug, which ensures its high quality by default.

Hope you found this article useful. We laid out the main three sources of free Levitra samples here – but if you know of more, please, don’t hesitate to send us your suggestions. We will gladly update this article based on your feedback.

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